Positively Electrical Contractor in Santa Barbara, CA

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We can replace outlets and switches with the usual “toggle” switches and “duplex” outlets, or we can also install “decoratora” outlets and rocker switches. If you suspect your outlet plugs and switches need replacement, please call us at Positively Electrical before trying to do it yourself. Although it may seem easy to change some outlets or switches, there could be several underlying wiring issues that we will addressed when they safely replaced. The experienced hands of our Santa Barbara Electrical contractor can replace the outlets and switches while also addressing any underlying fire hazards within the wiring,thereby making your home safer./nAddress : 4358 Modoc Rd Apt N, Santa Barbara, CA 93110, USA/nPhone : 805-694-8417/nOfficial Website : http://www.positivelyelectrical.com//nGoogle Plus Listing : https://maps.google.com/maps?cid=15321419748098932562