Israel Rose Jewelry - Vintage Engagement Rings in New York,

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Our vast collection comprises vintage engagement rings from the understated Victorian Engagement Rings period, which are made with rose and yellow gold, silver, and the whimsical and playful Edwardian Engagement Rings with their floral and lacy motifs. Art Deco Engagement Rings make up the biggest part of our collection, they tend to be more bold and geometric, modern, yet elegant. Mid-Century Retro Engagement Rings are also available. Israel Rose Jewelry also sells Modern Contemporary Jewelry from the splashy 1950s to the more sedate 1960s as well as the occasionally gaudy 1970s two-tone recycled jewelry./nAddress : 21 West 47th Street, Booth 21, New York, NY 10036, USA/nPhone : 212-944-2370/nOfficial Website : Plus Listing :